Pedro breathes the earth; he is a man of wide and deep roots. Such earthly stability provides him with the objectivity, perspective and confidence, which are essential to his way of doing.
He is a restless man. He lives fast and sets very high standards when it comes to carrying out his work. We often see him experiment with materials, defying the laws of physics, of light and, quite often, the patience of the common man, actually.
He is bold in looking for "that particular effect", the one that no one has ever tried, the one that, experience tells him, will catapult the outcome straight to another level.
He has this innate ability to experiment, almost like a lab "maestro", combining unthinkable chemistry and unexpected physics.
All his knowledge is supported by a structure that he knew well how to prepare, how to care for, how to grow. Rather than just one man, Pedro Nóbrega is synonymous with a team of professionals capable of dealing with any challenge related to analog or digital photographic composition.
Pedro has always been very attentive to the market and we would be lying if we told a never ending story about the team that stands behind him.

Knowledgeable of the conditions of the advertising market in Portugal, Pedro’s aim was always to gather the best professionals and this means having a high profile asset portfolio for the various procedures to be undertaken.
He believes that highly specialised freelance teams are able to show more objective and passionate results, while bringing a huge cost/benefit advantage to the end customer.

But above all, he believes that this level of commitment is only achieved by building very serious, close and recurrent relationships with each one of the players in the work process. 
In terms of structure, Pedro has rather enviable conditions and this is said with no illusion whatsoever. 
The work of Pedro Nóbrega is extraordinarily experimental; CGI is, most of the times, the last step once all materials and physical limits have been tested in the performance of his work. Such an experience always yields amazing outputs and effects, which indelibly embody the visual complexity and richness of the final piece.
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